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Few rules, and template to copy and paste

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A few ground rules:


1) No workshops or businesses are to advertise in here.

2) Advertise what you have to sell/swap or what you want to swap for/buy

3) Provide details on condition of the item(s) you're advertising

4) Location or suburb

5) Photos

6) Contact details I.E your mobile #

7) Delete your post & edit your post notifying its sold once item is bought/sold/swapped.

8) Try keep it car related or somewhat. If you have a stove for sale put it on gum tree.

9) Must post up a price, no "give me an offer" only.



caveat emptor. Use some brains and be street smart. we dont want to hear how much of a dumb *milkshake* you are for being ripped off.








Willing to post?:


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Also to add to the above, bumping is to only be done once a week (i.e. every 7 days). What this means is that if your thread ad is dead and you or no one else has anything to add to it, a "bump" post is only allowed once every 7 days from the last post date.


Ongoing offenders will have there threads deleted.





(on behalf of HT.net Mod Team)

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When buying items over the internet it is better to be safe than sorry, so here are some useful tips and hints to hopefully get you thru some safe purchases on the HardTuned Network.



1) Always do your research on the person - Name/username/Previous items for sale.

2) Ask why the item is for sale.. Previous usage life.

3) If the ad doesn't state exactly what car the part will suit or what it was removed from, be sure to double check;

  • Will a 2 door part suit a 4 door.
  • Will a non turbo part suit a turbo car
  • Will a skyline part fit onto a Silvia..
  • "SR20 PowerFC For Sale" may mean this unit could be for S13 or S14 or S15.
  • "HID Headlights For Sale" can also differ between vehicles from Skyline to Toyota to Honda.

Purchasing Safety

If you are buying over the internet and cannot pickup the item then it is advised to make the Purchase via PayPal for added security.


PayPal www.PayPal.com.au


Bad Traders - Scammers





Useful Links

Fair Trading Laws in Australian states - http://www.business....rterritory.aspx

Internet Fraud & Scams - http://www.afp.gov.a...-and-scams.aspx

Scamwatch - http://www.scamwatch.../tag/Scamwatch/

Consumer Protection - http://australia.gov...umer-protection

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