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S15 boss kit without clock spring need info on wiring the horn

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Ok here's a post that's not about xans or viagra....


On my S15 I installed a boss kit knowing that it didn't support leaving the clock spring in place (which is what every horn wiring kit seems to use)

Regardless it's the one I wanted and will make work eventually with a working horn.


My questions are, does anyone know how I can or should re-wire the horn switch?

I don't care if I have to run a wire from the ecu to the horn button but I don't know where I should be looking to find the horn signal wire?

Anyone still on NS?

Any positive feedback without drug sales pitches would be rad.

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So if clockspring is removed the easiest place to find horn wire would be at that plug. The horn wire doesnt go to ecu just so you know. It goes to a relay under bonnet then to horn itself. 

Most boss kits have a wire in it for the horn but im guessing yours doesnt? 

In order for it to work you need to create an “earth” when you press horn button and join into the car side of clockspring plug


let me know if more info needed

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Cheers Millerman that makes sense to me.

I'll give it a crack on the weekend and see how I go.

Much appreciated.

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