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R34 engine swap

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So I'm thinking of doing a VQ30DET (3L V6 Turbo) conversion to my GTT. Anyone got any thoughts? I know there are a few silvias getting around now here in SA with this motor and some older model skylines - does anyone know what shops/tuners may have been involved?



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Are you still considering this engine as an option?


DO IT! Its a great engine, I've been running one in my 180SX for a year now... I did the conversion myself though, probably cost a mint to get a shop to do it :S


Mine is completely stock motor and turbo though, it's no powerhouse, 210rwkw and roughly 730nm torque... massively responsive with the small stock turbo, but well outta puff in the top end if you ask for more boost.


Using custom manifolds and a larger turbo would be better option if you want big power and your budget allows.


My build thread can be found HERE

There are also some videos of it in action

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