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Found 11 results

  1. Hey there, I 3D print S13/S14/S15 products in high quality abs such as shift boot clip/brackets/retainers/knobs, gauge holders that retain air conditioning, pod filter adaptors, double cup holders that fit in the centre console etc. and much more to come. Making this post to provide you guys with top quality parts that solves the issues that come with OEM parts such as the shift boot clip snapping and cup holders not being useful whatsoever. Free standard shipping Australia wide. If you are interested feel free to check out the page https://3dracingsolutions.com/ If there are any questions or other parts needed feel free to send us a message or email.
  2. Car got stolen while in VIC so I'm selling the random bits I had lying around. [Edit] - I've also got a stock T28 BB turbo (JDM). Needs a rebuild / New CHRA as its been pulled apart. Shell and all outer components are in good condition. I can get some pictures if anyone's interested. Item: rear seat plastics Description:all the trim for rear seat area. Price: $5 each Location: indooroopilly area Willing to post?: no Contact: 0490690561 Please msg my phone if you're interested you'll get a much quicker response. Boot Lock plastic trim $5 Left and Right rear seat side plastic parcels. $5 Steering Column plastics + driver side sub dash $5 Boot Carpet Lining Right $5 Boot Carpet Lining Left $5 / Rear Seat plastic trim $5 Boot Carpet Lining Rear $5 / Boot Carpet $5
  3. S14/15 OEM and aftermarket parts

    1. ONE Bride Gias Low Max carbon backed REPLICA seat with GENUINE passenger side Bride LR rail. Rail is a 30 mm drop over stock. High quality replica seat cost me $600 new, rail was $285 and both only been in car for 10,000 kms with hardly any use (lots of lone driving). As new condition. Suit all S-chassis. Selling together. $550 2. S15 JDM OEM 6 speed box. Excellent condition, no crunches and shifts smoothly. Pulled off car at 80,xxx kms and had just had a fresh service using Motul oil. Shifter included. $750 3. S15 JDM OEM 480cc injectors. 80,xxx kms old and in fully operational condition. O-rings included. $100 4. S15 JDM OEM coilpacks. Removed at 75,xxx kms all of which were fully operational at the time. $150 5. Trust pod filter. Suit Z32 afm, may work on other applications. Good condition. $30 6. S15 JDM OEM drivers side door card. Decent condition for its age. $50 7. S15 OEM JDM interior door handles. Excellent condition. Pair. $40 8. S15 JDM OEM camshafts. 80,xxx kms old. Excellent condition. $50 9. S15 JDM OEM VCT. 80,xxx kms. Only rattles upon start up when initially taking off in reverse, otherwise no other noises and rattles. Good cheap swap over for your busted VCT unit. $80 10. S15 GP Sports side skirts in pearl white. Minor crack as pictured and some very minor stone chips. Otherwise very good condition. $200 11. S15 JDM OEM full brake kit. Good upgrade for S13 or replacement for S14/15. Includes: Front and rear calipers (excellent cond, no leaks etc) Front and rear rotors (no cracks, plenty of meat left) Brake lines Bendix brake pads (plenty of life left) BM50 BMC Dust covers R34 rear knuckles $250 for the lot. All parts located inner East Melbourne. Please no PM's as I'm hardly ever on this site. SMS 0422407382. Photos available upon request.
  4. Various SR20 200sx Parts

    SR20DET 750cc Bosch Injectors+big bore fuel rail kit BRAND NEW $360.00 Ono SR20DET 850cc Bosch Injectors+big bore fuel rail kit BRAND NEW $390.00 Ono Apexi Power FC for 200sx for s15 Comes with hand controler $600 Ono S15 Interior $200 Ono Brian Crower BC0201 to suit S13 Brand$ New still in packaging $300 Ono If you have aby questions please call or txt 0410809915
  5. Hey there, Could someone let me know what places in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills do dashboard flocking or suede upholstery etc? Don't know what the actual term is but I think you can understand what I'm saying haha....Want to get my s15's dash done at some point Cheers in advance!
  6. Up for sale is Nissan Silvia 200sx S15 interior pieces - door handles and trim, centre console lid, steering column top covers x2, ignition ring. All for $30 not interested in separating so its all or nothing, if you don't want some of items - you can either on sell it or throw it in the bin
  7. Hey guys, A question for anyone who may have experience in this before. What interior parts of an S15 will fit in an S14? more specifically, dash and roof lining. Anyone? Thanks!
  8. Just thought I'd post this for anyone looking at replacing any blown bulbs or upgrading to brighter or different coloured LED's. They have everything and it helped me out a lot. Not sure if different years have different lights so I just entered 1991. http://www.superbrig...40sx--/43-39--/
  9. A-Pillar Gauge mount

    Im trying to find a good quality a pillar mount for my s14, has any one seen or bought one of these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dual-Pillar-Mount-Gauge-Holders-Nissan-S13-S14-S15-Z31-/220636892017#ht_500wt_1180 seems a bit pricey for a no brander and the pics are shit so its hard to see if its any good. If anyone has any info on where to get a quality one from that would be great, looking for a dual. cheers.
  10. This is a really simple thing to do, and probably doesn't warrant a guide, but some people find it cute mod for an S15 dash conversion or 5-speed upgrade. I realise that there's no 'R', but I doubt the Police will get you for that. Not to mention if you need the location of Reverse explained given the pattern, you're a bit too f**ked-up to be allowed behind the wheel anyway. Difficulty = 2 Where 10 is rebuilding an engine, and 0 is mooning pedestrians. Time Required = 15 minutes + paint and bondo drying time Ain't rocket science people. Tools Required Bondo Razor knife 400 grit wet & dry Primer and paint Process Step 1. Remove the gear boot plastic trim. Step 2. Sand the paint off the trim using 400 grit wet & dry. A lightly-rough surface is ideal. Step 3. Apply bondo to any dings or scratches. Cover the '6' 'R' and 'line' on the shift pattern with a skim of bondo. Skreed off the excess bondo for best results. Step 4. When dry, sand the bondo smooth, and clean up the edge of the 5th and reverse line with a razor knife. Step 5. Prime and paint with your choice of colour.
  11. This is possibly one of the stranger DIYs you could do, but it has potential. In NSW (Australia), there is a brand of breath mints called 'Eclipse', which come in a metal case. I assume these are sold elsewhere in the country, and perhaps other countries too. The case comes in silver, cobalt blue, dark blue and green. It just so happens that the case is a similar size to the often unused switch hole in the S15 center console. With a little modification, it can be snugly inserted into the existing hole in the console. Painted the same colour as the console trim, I'm sure it wouldn't look much out of place. My console came from an ADM 200sx. Difficulty = 1 Where 10 is rebuilding an engine, and 0 is picking your nose. Time Required = 15 minutes Take your time, as you won't get a second-shot to correct mistakes. If painting and following the optional steps, it will take a little longer. Tools Required A small file and/or a razor knife. I only had a pocket knife at hand, which shows just how basic this mod is. Take care not to cut your hand if applying force with a knife. Usage The obvious use for the case is to store breath mints. Alternatives include: Coins, fuses, candy, sultanas Drill some small holes in the top and hold air freshener material Remove the lid and hold cigarettes, tissues, receipts, etc If you had a really long straw, you could rig up a hands-free cocaine snorting system (drugs are bad mmkay) Process Step 1. Remove the alignment tab with a knife or file. Step 2. File the front and rear edges of the hole until they're almost gone. The sides facing the doors need not be touched. Test-fit the box as you work, to ensure a snug fit. Step 3. Test fit the mint box and insert it as far as needed. If you take your time, you can make it a loose or rock-solid fit. Optional Step 4: If you desire a loose fit for ease of removal, then file the hole a little larger and mark the carpet below with a pen. Remove the center console. Glue some velcro (wire-loop side only) to the under side of a small block of wood, then position it on the carpet where marked. Glue some foam rubber in place to adjust the height of the bump-stop to suit, and to make some walls to hold the case in place. If I choose to do this, I'll add some pics.