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  1. hey All, not sure if people post here anymore but figured id start here. simple question - is it easy enough to buy a interstate car and rego in SA?. i believe it will need to go through regency correct? if so how easy(or hard) is it to pass regency?, Ive never done it before, dunno how "stock" the car needs to be. Thanks
  2. 1996 180sx type X - Wrecking $6K

    after talking to a few crash repairers they estimate around 11K, which is a bit much really, not matter how much i love this car.
  3. 1996 180sx type X - Wrecking $6K

    OP only had 3rd party . It was put down as my fault, which i believe is untrue and unfair (thats another story), but i didnt want to go though the whole process of dealing with lawyers and spending money and time fighting it when i could lose. Anyway - most of you guys want me to reshell, which i think i maaayyy do. the right side kit i think will be way hard to get by itself yes. decent type-x are hard to find for a good price, last one i found that looked ok was 15K. I know this car and its engine/internals/everything was really nice, i looked after it, it would make sense to reshell i guess. I called up the last place that worked on my car and they said they can do a basic reshell for approx 2K!. which to me sound nice and cheap. i can do the internal parts, they can do and the stuff which im too scared to fuck up (like brakes, engine, suspension/diff). hard part is is finding a decent shell. than painting it will prob be expensive too.
  4. 1996 180sx type X - Wrecking $6K

    After thinking about it a bit today uno i really could do this - i honestly thought it would be a too big of a job though. e.g. would all the ABS stuff come over also?, what about the airbag?. i guess the hardest part would be finding a straight shell. finding a type-x shell would be, well i dont think thats possible. but i do really miss my type x, and i have most the parts bar once side of skirts which i could try and find. how hard would it be to rego also once its done? I'm no mechanic, is it possible for someone with a tech mind to be able to do the whole swap? i wouldnt mind having a deeper chat to you considering you've been through this.
  5. 1996 180sx type X - Wrecking $6K

    Hi All, I have crashed my beautiful type x (I'm extremely devastated.), but its way beyond repair. I know i could probably get 10K+ if i part it out, but id rather try and sell it as a whole. I'm looking for 6K+, best offer gets it. If i can't get 6K I'm going to part it out myself. Heres a list of what i can think of 1996 180sx type x All parts are type x original, as its a original type x. SR20DET (160,000KMS) nisstune - Dyno'd and mapped to engine. nismo 555 injectors blacktop engine blitz se intercooler (the one that doesn't require much front bar cutting) stock airbox (was very hard to find!) 3.5" exhaust to 3" varex tip (remote) factory weather shields stock shocks/springs type x seats/floor mats gizzmo boost controller turbo timer working AC 4 stock tyres (seen in pics) steering rack overhaul 10,000kms ago front bonnet is a little bent. dyno tuned approx 5000kms ago (with the injectors/intercooler/exchaust upgrade) running 13psi once mods done (stock till than). pics http://imgur.com/a/5se1f any other questions let me know. NOTE : Please don't ask me for specific parts or if/when i will part it out, this post is to sell as a whole, if i part it out i will do this in my own time.
  6. Hi All, I have a nasty ding in my drivers side fender on my 1996 180sx type-x, found a replacement from a 180 - but just wondering is there any difference between the type x fenders and the standard 180 ones?. i saw a thread about the sr20's fenders were larger than the ca18's? because of airflow or something. i think finding a type x fender would be impossible. Also would anyone know a good place to get a aftermarket fender? (that looks standard, no vents etc). just want quality if this one i have lined up doesn't work out. Thanks,
  7. hi all, Looking for a drivers side fender for my 180sx in good condition as mine has a nasty ding in it. its for my daily. Thanks, Brendan.
  8. will let coilovers go for 600. as i said im not sure what they are worth, make an offer, and yes they could do with a clean, will post more pics once i have cleaned (if i get time)
  9. Hi All, Got the following for sale (in Adelaide) s13 CST coilovers - see pic below, not sure what they are worth, quick search on google showed me they are 1.7K new, so id say start at $800? if someone can advise what they are worth please advise. s15 intercooler (stock sidemount, good condition) - $150 speakers and pods - $100 open to offers. send me a PM . Thanks,
  10. fuel for tuning car

    once its tuned i don't want to touch under the hood, esp if going on a long trip.
  11. fuel for tuning car

    LOL A bottle of octane booster is a better/ easier /safer idea hmmm, so i looked up octane booster, they had a blerb specifically for this reason too, see below, might carry one on long trips. For any vehicle tuned for premium 98 octane fuel, carrying a bottle of octane booster during interstate and rural holidays can also be very helpful where premium fuel may not be available. Whilst this product can’t completely compensate for the difference between standard 91 and premium 98 fuel grades, it can go a long way to ensuring that your emergency fuel stop does not lead to permanent engine damage or failure.
  12. fuel for tuning car

    thanks for the replies guys, yeah when i travel interstate i dont run boost and just cruise at 100 km/h. im happy to just take it easy if i get lower octane fuel .
  13. Hi All, Getting a new ECU, injectors and tune/remap soon on my sr20det 180sx. now i normally drive with 98octane fuel for most of the time, i do sometimes travel long distances (maybe a 1000kms trip twice a year) and sometimes and only 95octane fuel is available, now since im getting the tune soon - should i tune with 98 or 95?. reason for me asking is that if for some reason im on a long trip and only 95 is available will this harm the engine if its tuned for 98? Thanks,
  14. 6 x 9 Speakers + pods (SA)

    brought these for my 180 with some fronts, but the fronts are loud enough for me so im selling these. brand new in box $100ono. will post at buyers expense.