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  1. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    I also remember when the classifieds were so much easier to use. If you wanted to sell a car or whatever it was just like starting a new topic. Then it became all formal with this requirement and that requirement.....and if you didnt have all of the "required" info in the correct format some god like moderator who we should all worship would delete your add! Also while in the local forums (South Australia for example) Cars for sale in South Australia were only one click away then shit got moved around - sounds petty I know but people dont like change
  2. Help fix ns.com.com from death!

    Scared of being sued, as soon as you had a bad word to say about a workshop you would receive threats of banishment. Perhaps deleting all personal data of members, and then not keeping any personal info on members would allow ns members to remain anonymous allowing the keyboard warriors to go nuts once again! When a business gets bad mouthed they approach ns.com who could then honestly say "We dont know who these people are!"
  3. So I'm thinking of doing a VQ30DET (3L V6 Turbo) conversion to my GTT. Anyone got any thoughts? I know there are a few silvias getting around now here in SA with this motor and some older model skylines - does anyone know what shops/tuners may have been involved? Cheers.
  4. Invite the press to film it.. Let them film us doing nothing wrong in well maintained cars - if there was a "lock-in" style mass defect, let them film how we are treated. They cant treat us like they used to in the old days, everyone has a camera on their phone, you tube is your friend!
  5. Imagine if we all cruised together? How you sapol would go controlling 500 cars! Hehe...
  6. I'm not sure how a topic relating the sudden passing of our favourite "buster" ended up with homosexual dogging! But... seriously, if their was a joint cruise - taking donations for his charities, count me in. Perhaps the powers that be could contact other sites, clubs & see what the go is?
  7. Ok so the rumours are probably a load of crap however... Given Paul Walker throughout the Fast and Furious franchise had driven multiple cars from high tech jap to V8 muscle, ppl are telling me that petrol heads from all the different clubs are planning to cruise together, celebrating the franchise and his contribution. V8's, fast fours and turbo sixes all together. Anyone heard anything? Interstate maybe? May be a load of BS.....
  8. Apologies for the highjack. I'm organising an end of year work function and need topless waitresses north of the city. Anyone got any ideas? We usually find girls who are in business for themselves and not related to risque etc.. but our usual contacts have gone walkabout. I was a little shocked to find out what people pay when hiring through a "legit" business.. ouch! even worse considering our usual girls will stay on after their "shift" has finished. Guess we've been spoilt! We will party from 7pm-4am so probably need multiple girls who arent allergic to cameras
  9. Best places for a full car respray?

    Where you located mate?
  10. Howdy folks So I need a replacement windscreen for my 2012 Micra. I've rang a half dozen shops and have received a half dozen different quotes! Not looking to get ripped off, here in the northern suburbs - how much should I expect to pay? Thanks guys.
  11. Defect clearance

    See Adam at Japco. From experience he works on a customer car as if it was his own, top bloke. Also, hard to argue with their price!
  12. Why not just colour match the grommets instead?
  13. I feel for ya mate. I've owned 2 S13 CA18DET's and quite frankly would love another one, however I'm still yet to find someone who really knows their way around a CA series motor, make power yet still idle and cold start like factory... Contrary to popular belief, the reason nissan discontinued the motor was its cost and complexity.
  14. This is quite true, providing you leave it in gear... Many ppl think that they can knock it out of gear and roll down a hill without using any fuel, but the engine is still idling, using fuel. If left in gear however (5th for example), a modern engine will not use any fuel at all as the load through the gearbox will infact keep the engine turning without the injectors squirting fuel. A side benefit is that you dont go down the hill with your foot on the brake the whole way down, cooking them as you go.