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  1. Help !

    The thread title says a lot. You need help and plenty of it. What city are you in? Maybe someone can suggest a tuner that can assist you with the decision making and costs of what you are after?
  2. S14 stuck on 160kw

    Your "tuner" sounds like a rookie if you have to ask the internet for ideas.... I really hope you have not paid this guy real money. As much as people here really know their shit... if some one who supposedly tunes cars cant help you I would be running far away from them.
  3. Bang for your Buck! S15 Upgrades?

    Perhaps poorly worded title. Ebay Turbo would surely give you the most "BANG" for your buck
  4. $100b for the subwoofer, thats quite the mark up. I'd say your dreamin.
  5. Careful pmod, dissing type x is fighting words. In saying i have fibreglass pods painted black you can have for $100... Been sitting here for years and years.
  6. ABS Brake Issues - S13 200sx

    If your fronts are locking you could probably borrow some sticky tyres just to cheese the test. If only 1 wheel is locking it could indicate a leak of sorts in the brake lines.. Do a full brake bleed then try again? If this is the case i would think the inspector would have known, so very unlikely
  7. 180sx Ferrari

    Front prolly looks like Rockys face, its been crashed that many times.
  8. Bought originally off Gumtree to teach the nopics to drive in September 2014. I ultimately used it as a daily driver but have grown bored of the automatic and prefer to drive my own 180SX. Bought at 179,000km the car currently has 197,000 km's averaging out to 350kms per week since i've owned it. Car has been good for 10L/100km fuel economy combined driven mainly around on 18's. Will include RWC+Rego with sale. Looking for $6500 Notable service notes performed since Sep 2014 2x Basic Workshop Services, 3 Home services: Oil/filters, etc. At regular intervals 1x Transmission Fluid change 1x Radiator Flush New Walbro Fuel Pump New Nissan Water Pump Car is a 1995 Nissan 200sx Luxury(just to spell it out) Pearl Metallic White Sr20Det 4 Speed Automatic Sunroof Gold Badges Front Lip spoiler and boot spoiler Standard 16 inch wheels (All electrics and AC work par original cassette player.) Non Standard features Cat back exhaust finishing in a big fart tin cannon, fortunately not very loud. Front mounted intercooler Fuel pressure regulator Boost Gauge Switch able boost controller. 10psi/15psi After market Headunit and Subwoofer Main negatives are the exterior condition of the car. Best described as Average at best. Perhaps typical for a car of this nature but bears mentioning. Notable marks are present on the rear and front bumper. Scratches on front and rear bumper including wing. Small Shopping dents along side of car with a notable dent on bonnet and rear bumper. Ultimately would suit daily driving or a kids/learners car. $6500
  9. Big Difference between new stock suspension and original stock suspension. Surely there would be some form of regular car meets in your area with p platers or uni students that have at least 1 stockish Silvia
  10. Yea the pictures are aids... I measured them separately.
  11. ok so here is what I got. Hope it helps based on your picture. F1 : 56.5 cm F2: 67.5 cm R1: 69 cm R2: 65.5 cm I included pictures, but be warned I am uncoordinated as hell. I wrote them down separately. F1 F2 R2 R1
  12. If i remember ill post the measurements tonight or tomorrow.
  13. lowered car + open diff suck ass

    Here have a couple more
  14. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Seems legit
  15. Good workshop thread

    No way you can mention names in this thread without a shit storm. A troll post essentially. You will never get what you are asking for without having an inside connection. Something in high demand increases in price. Good and cheap does not exist.