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  1. Samsung Galaxy S II

    just upgraded my GS2 to ICS on telstra !!!!! its awesome !!!!!
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III

    only 8 meg camera ? i thought it was 12 ????

    i got a text from a number starting with +15 !!!! how dodge is that !!!! i googled that and it is from carrabean somewhere LOL then he says i use paypal due to work commitment. nice one buddy.
  4. just curious on if anyone on here had bad experiences on GUMTREE and some *milkshakes* asking for ur paypal e mail. sounds dodge ?????
  5. Samsung Galaxy S III - speculation thread

    awww so beautiful... i cant wait
  6. Samsung Galaxy S II

    yeah sometimes it doesnt. i even tried data mode on and off. hence i turned the phone off
  7. Samsung Galaxy S II

    another question here is anyone with telstra ?? my GS2 has that H+ then after few days goes to H and wont go back to H+ unless i switch the phone off and on again.... why is this happening !!!! i want 3.5 G !!!! but its annoying to having to turn your phone off and on all the time. thx guys
  8. Samsung Galaxy S II

    my mate said GS3 should be here in june. cant wait also with this gallery thingy.... is there any other app than keep safe so others cant access ur photos ??? or put a lock on it ???
  9. Samsung Galaxy S II

    900 on your Galaxy S? Ouch! Update the firmware on that puppy! The latest Samsung firmwares should be getting your scores of closer to 1200-1300. A decent custom rom will get about 1700, and a dodgy custom rom will get you somewhere around 2500, but the results won't be a true reading of the phone's actual performance (some roms and lag fixes 'trick' Quadrant into thinking it can read files much faster than the phone actually can). Either way, your Galaxy S is running quite slow. Even if you don't choose to run a custom Rom, Kies should be able to get you updated to Gingerbread, which is a huge improvement. Agresr_SA, the SGS2 is blazing fast no matter which carrier you're on. The custom roms are mainly for features and battery life, rather than speed. WPN-X7, no worries. Give me a couple of days to properly play with some roms and I'll report back. well i live in adelaide n me n my mates can tell u both vodafone n optus have LOADING problem...SO MANY BLACK SPOTS where as telstra dnt have that....i had this fone on telstra for 3 days now n HAVNT HAD A PROBLEM YET......i have same fone on vodafone n it annoys the shit out of me cos the network is so shit it only works when it wants to
  10. Samsung Galaxy S II

    if you get gs2 on telstra there is absolutely no need for software upgrade.....it is so quick...... i like how telstra did their own "custom" backing for this LOL
  11. Samsung Galaxy S II

    GUYS i now have GS2 on TESLTRA !!! IT IS SO FRIGGING QUICK AND AWESOME !!! i have a mate who works for them and got the fone b4 it launched.....I AM IN LOVE.......IM GANA CANCEL MY VODAFONE AND NEVER LOOK BACK LOL....... this fone is like being on wi fi with telstra network.....quick quick quick !!!
  12. Samsung Galaxy S II

    i found out its that new vodafone 850mh thingy.......something to do with frequency thingy.....and suppos to have better dl speed etc. BULLSHIT. i downloaded the thing but it hasnt really improved.....IM SO WAITING FOR TELSTRA TO BRING THIS OUT !!!!
  13. Samsung Galaxy S II

    GUYS i got a text msg from VODAFONE saying there is a new software i need to upgrade to for GS2.... DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS AT ALL ??