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  1. Can anyone tell me if the jdm indicator /light switch stalk will fit the adm model? I want to fit fog lights on my adm s15 using an aftermarket driving light loom and relay (I know that adm doesn't have fog light loom) and I want to use the jdm indicator stalk with the fog light switch so that I don't have to mount another switch somewhere and make a cleaner install.
  2. As title says????? How about a real person talking shit/something stupid for a laugh!!
  3. S15 SR20DET BlackTop Compression

    Is the gauge accurate??
  4. Ecu tuning - Nistune

    So did the OP get it sorted out and how so others might be helped out by it???? So often someone asks a question but can't be fucked posting the solution / outcome, and how they fixed so others can be helped out. Come on dude have you fixed your problem??? How???
  5. 180sx sr20 digital dash lights not working

    Have you tried cleaning your battery terminals, could be a bad earth, clean/check the earth cable to body. So many electrical problems ate caused by this especially when a car has been left for a while.
  6. Ecu tuning - Nistune

    Needs all the associated sensors, injectors, dash and power feeds connected
  7. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Get them rebuilt by a proper brake workshop, aslong as they are doing it properly, checking and fully reconditioning as needed, not just throwing on a new set of seals, $150 per caliper is cheap considering labour is around $100 per hour.
  8. I disagree, my S15 with stock turbo, injectors, afm, 3" hand made custom exhaust, PWR intercooler, apexi power fc ecu,turbosmart gated boost bleed valve and modified stock airbox with 185 rwkw on the old Morpowa dyno back in 2006! It has very good off boost response pretty much equal to other similar size non turbo cars. I never need to give it heaps of revs and drop the clutch to keep up or beat those other shitty cars! Maybe you need a decent tune??!!
  9. Best gyms to join in Sydney

    Eat less, exercise more.. That's the easiest way. Do alot of walking or buy a cheaper mountain bike for under $1000 and ride it. Do this and lose 10kg easy in a month.
  10. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Firstly, are you capable /competent of doing work on brakes? As in mechanically competent or qualified? As brakes are the most important thing with a car especially a performance car?
  11. another S15 Gearbox issue

    Got to love a rim job gif. So glad that no admins care about the awesome porn the spammers are posting, I'm loving this rim job, pussy slapping, titty bouncing shit, fuck yeh cunts
  12. Best reply ever,pictures explain all.
  13. Toyota FT86 first impressions

    Epic thread revival!???
  14. Help with import papers

    Yep that's the one I would keep clear of them, I know someone that bought a car from them and got fucked over 5 ways, definitely untrustworthy.
  15. Help with import papers

    Where from in SA are you buying it from, I know of one dealer that has lots of S15's and aren't completely honest
  16. Hypoid gear oil in r200 s15 dif

    Yes, just don't use lsd exclusive oil as the manual says
  17. Help with import papers

    A $9000 S15 would be a total piece of shit, it wouldn't even have a roadworthy slip for eastern states, no way anyone could get something registrable for that price without needing another atleast $5000 spend on it!
  18. Suspension.

    You say springs make ride quality terrible?? Not all the time, mostly it's shitty dampers that make ride quality terrible. Unless the springs are way too high rate like 10 - 12 kg/mm on a street driven car
  19. 1989 Automatic 180sx for sale

    Looks nice and neat mate, but the front seat covers are not so nice. Do you have proof of kms? Also vin please?
  20. Whiteline swaybar settings

    I've set mine hard front, soft rear.
  21. Unichip piggy back ECU

    Fuck, never thought I would see a "unichip" around now, they were sort of ok back in the early 90's as an ecu interceptor, gave an improvement in tune but not perfect. As a novelty item I'll give you $20 for it, and that's probably more than what it's worth!
  22. Question about engine looms.

    I highly doubt it.what are you trying to do? Red top engine into S15? Or some other mash up in another chassis???
  23. The Dreaded SR20 VCT rattle

    Well they are definitely not going to say " oh yeh, it's our valve springs causing it" even though it might not be. Are you using a decent oil and the correct grade?