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  1. There's a lot of you noob that haven't confirm your account that was sent to the email address you nominated. In the email there's a link, clink on it to confirm your email address and hence your account. *Update: all new member's first post will have to be manually be approved before the account becomes active* if you have any trouble just send me an SMS (ZERO FOUR ZERO ONE FOUR FOUR O 0 1) with your selected username/display name TN-
  2. Got something worth sharing/ interesting that you found on the interwebs? Post it here... NO NSFW NO NSFL Here's some I found tonight: I don't know what you call this but its kinda fun for 20sec... http://weavesilk.com/ Random google street location http://www.safestyle-windows.co.uk/secret-door/
  3. *[update] merged two threads together to become a generic carbon wrapping thread.* This bit: Has anyone got the paint code for it? any recommendation. Thanks TN- Just an update
  4. still lifting bruhhh?

    just came back to the website tonight. left for 3 years ahaha.. start gyming @ 68kg, currently 78kg.
  5. i have risen form the dead. i have risen form the dead. i have risen form the dead. i have risen form the dead.
  6. I mean can the airbag itself be detached from the centre piece(shown on the left in this picture). Don't think so. Easier to get an adm one if you really want that nissan logo
  7. the old lady, with the necklace from the old drunk from last week's episode. the old lady plucks it off sansa at 32:18, then at 32:19 it shows there's one missing diamond.
  8. Cops have been known to read this forum. Also it's a courtesy thing to blur people number plates, just like taking up three parking lots in the car park.
  9. 2014 F1 Discussion

    How the two compressors connected through the engine?
  10. The Walking Dead

  11. A few ground rules: 1) No workshops or businesses are to advertise in here. 2) Advertise what you have to sell/swap or what you want to swap for/buy 3) Provide details on condition of the item(s) you're advertising 4) Location or suburb 5) Photos 6) Contact details I.E your mobile # 7) Delete your post & edit your post notifying its sold once item is bought/sold/swapped. 8) Try keep it car related or somewhat. If you have a stove for sale put it on gum tree. 9) Must post up a price, no "give me an offer" only. lastly, caveat emptor. Use some brains and be street smart. we dont want to hear how much of a dumb *milkshake* you are for being ripped off. Template: Item: Description: Price: Location: Willing to post?: Contact:
  12. WTB type-x front bar 180sx

  13. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Hey ladies i'm closing this thread since the classified are now FINALLY fucking back . just remember to select "SA" under Topic Category when posting a new thread over there so we all can sort post in their respective state. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showforum=418
  14. Item:Full s15 brake setup. Description: Front and rear Callipers with pads Rotors Handbrake cable Price: $250 Location: Adelaide Willing to post?: No Contact: 040144001 S13/4/5 Rear Brakes with braided brake line (adr approve), pads, and handbrake cable $100. (Came off my s15) S15 BM50 ABS Brake Master Cyclinder $50
  15. The Walking Dead

    Best episode I reckon! Crazy bitch deserves the bullet
  16. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    I need something to do next couple of months. after these parts. S14A 1x bonnet 2x front guards (good at the front half of it) Headlights S15 2x front guards (can be in a crash)
  17. PS4

    The PS4 won't play videos from a USB. What a piece of shit.
  18. Only 2 are the same. Two additional needs to be drilled.
  19. Workshop name: Affordable Paint Repairs- Ryan Type of work they do: Spray Painting/ Paint Correction (Cut,Polish Wax) Location: Para Vista (From his shed) Contact details: 0430 297 482 Comments: Guy is a qualified painter. Does extra work on the weekend for extra cash. This guy is cheap and his work is pretty good. I needed a roof spray and rear quarter panel fixed. did it for $500. Then cut,polish and buffed the whole car for an extra $100. -Front bar Bonnet- $150 -Roof from $200 Full cut and polish from $250 Full re-spray from $3000 here's some pics of before and after. after after cut/polish and buff Also on my black s15, i had swirl marks from over the years. gave it to him and couple of days later it came out looking like brand new from the show room. His facebook page: https://www.facebook...79760?ref=br_tf
  20. PS4

    Picked one up the other day. Got killzone off gumtree for $35bux. What a tragedy that game is.
  21. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 160000 Price : $13,000 Condition : Used 2000 4 Seater Automatic Non turbo (P-plate legal) 160,000km Hard Top Convertible- Automatic with a press of a button. Takes about 20secs to go down/up HID head light (Factory) Leather Seat with Heat Alarm & immobiliser with Spare Silvia Key Boot Release on the remote Just been service, wheel alignment JVC headunit with Handsfree Bluetooth Air con works, and cold Just been polish & waxed. Cheap on fuel- gets 620km from a full tank. Although the car is rare part wise it's the same as locally delivered 200sx.
  22. I've just witness a 180sx with a tomei turbo go through regency. First time I've seen it.
  23. Is my car repairable ?! D:

    Yep, same as s14