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  1. Sa active members role call

    I havent been on here for years. But its great to see that members are still active and those with knowledge are still answering questions and discussing stuff in the tech section. Pervy you still have your s14? I remember seeing this on the roads years ago, was so clean and such a nice stance (y). Not overly keen on cruises these days, I prefer just going out with a few mates instead. I used to organise cruises on here back in the day haha, oh the good ol dayz! It was fun
  2. Sa spotted thread

    The power of Facebook! I honestly would love Facebook to be deleted so that we can all go back to the forums and stop wasting time on social media. Don't ever see this happening though

    Is it white? Na a light metallic bluey colour!
  4. S15 Noobie camber question

    I personally would have went with a coilover set-up with adjustable strut tops as it is very easy to adjust height and camber. Also, the shocks are usually made to suit the spring rates with coilover systems and the shocks can also be adjusted from stiff to soft etc. Some brands of coilovers are even street legal, companies include Pedders and Tein/Fulcrum Australia. MCA may even be street legal (not sure on this but check the website). HOWEVER, for a daily driven car the lowered springs should be fine . If you are unhappy with the ride quality at all, you may need to put in some aftermarket shocks to suit the new stiffer springs. If you want to reduce some tyre wear, rear camber arms are a good idea as you can reduce the amount of negative camber in the rear. Cusco make them and are good quality, or you can go Ikeya Formula which is really expensive (overkill for the street) or you can go a cheaper brand (heaps of them, just google search ).

    Seen an Aventador LP700-4 Roadster in the city over the last few weeks. Anyone else seen this?

    what time was this? Cant remember, sometime during the day! The car looked like the one in your dp though

    Saw a nice green s14 series 1 today on Tapleys Hill Rd. Had a nice looking kit, possibly vertex.

    Spotted a black s15 with black wheels and aftermarket tinted tailights coming out of the city near the ice arena at 2:30 today. Tough streeter.
  9. Who owns this S1580 these days?

    I remember seeing this in the car park/show n shine at one of the Drift Australia rounds at Mallala. I reckon it was 2008 or something. Looked the goods ! It had ssr professors on it back then in black with a polished lip. The good old days of Drift Australia
  10. Locky it doesnt fit ! Good idea though! I might go and check them out this week to see if they can help. Thanks for the link
  11. I am looking for either an aftermarket vented grill for a standard s15 front bar or a way to neatly cut out the standard grill. The standard plastic grill on the drivers side of an s15 is enclosed (it does not allow any air to pass through the grill). I have a oil cooler situated behind this grill and I need a large amount of air to pass through the grill. Originally I drilled some holes in the grill to allow enough air to get to the cooler. However the holes are not big enough and I need more air to flow to the cooler. I have recently tried cutting out the grill with a modified hacksaw blade but the process is very time consuming and I have hacked up the grill a bit. I have tried to use a dremel tool with a thin stone cutter to try and tidy it up but it is really difficult. See picture below. Does anyone make these grills or something similar that is vented? I do not want to.... * just leave the grill off * use black wire meshing (i dont like the look of it) * cut a hole in the grill and run a flexi tube out of it (i also dont like the look of this) * I dont want to buy a different front bar for it If I can't get an aftermarket vent, could anyone suggest a place that could cut it out neatly for me (im in Adelaide) or even make up a new plastic vented grill that is similar looking? Obviously it may be costly to get a grill made but I am very fussy with the car, most importantly I need it to look good and allow enough air through it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Bahahaha! This is the best thread I have read since the one where some guys big brother went away on a holiday and the lil brother decided to clean out his engine for him haha. What did he use again, to clean it?
  13. Where to buy mechanics overalls?

    Went to River's, they dont sell em. Went to Kmart they didnt sell them. Then the old man called me and said that his mate has some at his work I could buy for 20 bucks. Overalls/Coveralls sorted But yeah, anyone else looking for them, dont go to Kmart or Rivers!
  14. Where to buy mechanics overalls?

    I thought coveralls were the only thing the Japanese people wore ;P. Plus a headband!
  15. Where to buy mechanics overalls?

    Actually I think its Coveralls that im after. Overalls dont have sleeves I think and I need sleeves. I will check at Rivers today . Cheers for the help.