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  1. Selling 4x R34 GTR stock rims with tyres. Tyres good condition, about 80% tread. Wheels in good condition, not buckled or warped. Rear left has some gutter rash Pickup in Caroline Springs 3037 VIC Otherwise I am happy to organise a courier Australia wide. Currently on an s15.
  2. How much for the Gram Lights 57 Pro's with the Titanium lip in 18s
  3. LoL this thread was useless...
  4. hey guys, i nearly had a near death experience on my way to work 2day. Its a long story but i was almost in a huge car accident, if it had happened there is no doubt i would have died. A guy in a white s15 with white rims had pulled over and helped me and all i could do was stare at him from shock. If anyone knows who it could be please let me know, id like to thank them proply. This happened around 3.30pm in Kings Park on Kings Road...
  5. I NEED Your Opinion

    ...so TRUE!!!!

    My 1st Car 2nd Car... and recent car...
  7. No more drift for dvsmum....

    Congratz to you guys both..! i wish u all the best
  8. I need a car...

    how much he asking for it...? im thinking of getting one soon.. i dnt trust the car park at my work, needa a new car
  9. Need some help on deciding rims...

    go black, looks hot on a white car
  10. Wanted to buy/R32 GTR and/or GTST bonnet

    i got a bonnet for an r32 gtst lying around in the garage..
  11. Holford Motors

    ...yes i agree, i reckon his a bit of a rip off... Must say though im not to happy with his compliancing.. But, he has nice cars no doubt...!
  12. STU**D F**K

    LoL last time i got followed, i just kept driving around a big round about on a main road! lol i think they eventually felt stupid and gave up...so they just drove off!
  13. Rear 'P' Plate

    Nice Car!! i was driving my dads around when he had his! LoL they drink petrol like hell tho...if its twin turbo, what engine u got in it..?
  14. how good's Rocky!

    yepp, im watching it now!
  15. Nismo front bar

    im looking for one!!!!!! Im in desperate need of a front bar for my car....and id prefer the nismo bar too.. this is my car with the standard bar (when it had a front bar): and this is the nismo bar.. so yeah spudnic, there's a slight difference