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  1. ca18det engine parts for sale

    Hey mate sent you an email. Cheers
  2. Make : NISSAN LAUREL Transmission : Kilometres : 161 Price : $5,000 Condition : Used Hi guys, NEED IT GONE! WILL ALSO SWAP FOR LATE 90'S 2 STROKE 250cc + Cash My Way! Let me know What you got Up for sale is my 88' C33 RB20DET Club S Laurel. I got the car back at the start of 2008. Reason for sale is I don't have the time nor resources to get it back on the road and turn into the ultimate sleeper. I would really like to get some more power out of my S13. I love this car but it's only going to waste sitting in my carport. Car ran out of rego in December 2010 but for a few extra $ I can get it RWC and Registered again. Don't miss out on this opportunity to snap up this very unique luxurious rare find! All Original Manuals & Receipts including Past Importation Fees & Charges, Registration and Road Worthy Certificates Not to mention the Original 'L' Laurel Key Specs: 1988 C33 Club S Laurel RB20DET Auto 161, xxx Genuine Km's Factory Front Lip (cracked on passenger side) Factory Sunroof Factory Rear Wing Full Suede Trim Factory Carpet Mats Front & Rear Mods: Full 3" Turbo Back Exhaust w/ Twin Tips Pod Filter HKS Boost Greddy Turbo Timer (not hooked up) Cusco Front Strut Brace VDO Head Unit Alpine Type R Front Splits Interior is in IMMACULATE Condition! Bad: Auto needs replacing, or you can just do a manual conversion Turbo Water Line also needs replacing. Also needs a new Battery The Car still drives it just holds first gear and reverse ONLY. Price: $5000 ono Contact: PM me or SMS me on 0422590230 Further pics & info Available upon request Cheers Mikey
  3. Stolen!

    Exact same thing happened to me 5 years ago! Had wheels, Z32 Front brakes, stereo and heaps of little things stolen. One of the worst things to happen, and I hadn't even owned the car for a month!! I wasn't even contacted about it... Something dodgy was going on I could tell. Unfortunately there was nothing myself or the police could do about it. I feel your pain mate Cheers Mikey
  4. where to get my Wii chipped?

    Just soft mod the shi*t out of it! if you want info PM me! have you got specific links you can pm? thanks i bought an sd ages ago but cbf since.
  5. Best thrash car - Bang for buck..

    Volvo wins in my eyes. i used to drive a 265 wagon at our old block. they never miss a beat and can take a fair beating VOLVO FTW!!!
  6. nicknames for suburbs

    Frankston = Funky Town Hurstbridge = Hursty Dimmond Creek = Diamo Greensborough = Greensy Park Orchards = Parky Mitcham = Matcham Mansfield = Mansy
  7. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    top work box, looks like you ripped it up in that clip. some awsome tracks you were playing, i will have to try to make it to your next set for sure.
  8. Where to buy really stong acid from

    had the same problem at my old house. got some draino from the supermarket, worked a treat
  9. spiderman

    Jack Black is a pissa. The better vid is of him on LSD
  10. Huge NS Cruise in May

    Sounds good Nat. New car and off my P's by then. I'm down for either day but would love to hit some twistys
  11. Look whats coming to Australia

    Gettting my tix tomorow can't f**king wait! Its going to be HUGE
  12. Anyone up for a KING cruise?

    will be down for sure if its later in jan! love some of those roads
  13. Look whats coming to Australia

    this could be on the cards for me
  14. Xmas Specials Still going? PM sent