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  1. Yeah it gets pretty painful all the trips for those expensive custom parts... It adds up, all part and parcel of doing an uncommon conversion though
  2. You could just use your S13 Diff if it's an R200... most are You just need the 2 bolt rear hat off an R33 or S14/15 to make it fit the subframe. Alternativly if you realy want an S14 diff and all you can find is an ABS diff, you can use an ABS S13 tailshaft with it (or just the rear half of the tailshaft as thats the only bit thats a different length). That is what I currently run in my drift car
  3. Hey christian, it's lloyd... are you requiring flexible lines on the back of the steering rack for clearance? I didn't include pictures on my VQ30DET build thread, but I had to do the same thing... I just took the solid lines into my local Pirtek and asked for braided stainless versions of the same lines but with the 90 degree bends closer to the ends, pretty sure they only cost about $85 for the pair... they look pretty much the same as those ISIS ones you linked to, not sure who thier customer service rep is but I haven't seen any banjo fitting used on any S chassis rack
  4. R34 engine swap

    Are you still considering this engine as an option? DO IT! Its a great engine, I've been running one in my 180SX for a year now... I did the conversion myself though, probably cost a mint to get a shop to do it Mine is completely stock motor and turbo though, it's no powerhouse, 210rwkw and roughly 730nm torque... massively responsive with the small stock turbo, but well outta puff in the top end if you ask for more boost. Using custom manifolds and a larger turbo would be better option if you want big power and your budget allows. My build thread can be found HERE There are also some videos of it in action
  5. s14a Tailshaft Issue Help!

    S14 tailshaft is 2 piece... it's bolted to the car at the centre bearing so the gearbox end sliding won't have any effect... unless it's been unbolted at the centre bearing for some reason? Is it possible you are mistaken and have a non ABS diff (with shorter input shaft housing) and are using the shorter ABS tailshaft? Does the diff have an ABS sensor on the snout near the input flange?
  6. Latest Offerings

    Do you still have tie rods and tie rod ends available? If so could you pm me a price on 2 pairs of ends and 1 pair of rods posted to 7321(TAS) plz? (pair of tie rod ends for R32 and pair of tie rods and tie rod ends for 180SX)
  7. There are more drifters in the north west than just hts garage members I'm entered... Bring on the battle for 15th & 16th qualifying spot lol
  8. Tas drift fest

    Big thanks to everyone involved in running the day and congratulations to the winners, it was an awsome event, even though we started late it was great to see we managed to get some more practice time in halfway through... It makes the day worth it for those who don't qualify and would otherwise get bugger all track time! I was stoked to qualify again! (5 top 16's from 5 events now) I thought I had no hope with a field of 34 entries! I'm sure I wouldn't have made the cut if it wasn't for some ppl's misfortune... I just have to try and qualify higher now so I'm not always up against the top guys!! Apparently my battle with trusky made the news!? Strange choice of clip to use if that's true
  9. New To The Forum

    Thanx!!! I'm glad someone thinks I can drift, I'm sure with lots of practice and a fully hectic CA like mine you could go close to beating me too ... Oh wait... You where talking about the other Lloyd wasnt ya?... My bad lol
  10. Helmets

    I've used both closed face motorcycle and motocross style helmets and didn't like either... Ya don't need a visor in a closed car and mx helmets jut out too much... I'd like a helmet like the stilo sr3... Or similar touring car/rally helmet, larger opening, no visor but your lower face is still protected! Best of both worlds... Try finding a cheap version of one though!
  11. Helmets

    stupid iphone
  12. Helmets

  13. Wheel selection

    I use a pair of 17x8 rims as fronts, put a pair of brand new tyres on them and they have lasted me a full season (8 drift days, + a coupla track days) I found driving home on them a coupla times helped wear off all the pick up and feathered edges too... For the rear I keep a few different size sets of rims so I can run whatever size Tyres I want or find cheap... Nothing fancy, just gts-t rims etc. I wouldn't rely on getting home on what you run on the track though, unless you live close by
  14. Wheel selection


    Cheers, I will still be trying to get out early and make it in time... but at the moment it's not looking likely