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  1. Hi, Im after some One Eleven tools which Bursons or Repco sell and was wondering if anyone worked at either of these places and can hook me up with some deals Cheers
  2. Wheel alignment

    Adelaide Radial Tyre are still around they have moved location and changed name to TyreMag They are located right accross the road from the St Agnes shoppig centre (1277 North East Rd)
  3. What does that mean?
  4. Anyone know whats happened to Fisher Performance. The shop on North East Rd has closed down and looks to be in the hands of debt collectors?
  5. Yeah its all good i have found a mobile guy that will look it it was more for someone to look at the condition interior/exterior wise than mechanical
  6. Hi, Just wondering if anyone is located near or at Camden NSW 2570 There is a car i am interested in and wanted someone to have a look before i fly over and look at it Please let me know Thanks Matt
  7. Hi, Looking at getiing a car that is in Lalor VIC and need a good Mobile Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection done on the car Can anyone recommend me one BESIDES RAVC (Used them once before and they are useless) and Stateroads (They wanted $279.00 which is a joke) There is a few in S.A that do inspections for $140 is there any in VIC like this? Cheers
  8. Pulsar Parts has been closed for around 2 years
  9. Just had two cars tinted today by Michael. Awesome work and did me a good deal because i was getting two cars done. Definately recommend him.
  10. ^^^ Thanks already been in contact and price is really good compared to others
  11. I have heard lots of bad stories about them and autoperfection
  12. So where is a good place these days to get window tinting done North East Way?
  13. mobile guard roller?

    as others have said wheel jerks are a joke stuffed my car up and didnt care less
  14. Tyre Hookups

    Call James at http://www.ezy-tyres.com.au/ Hes prices are very good and hes mobile