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  1. Girls who are into/drive imports

    to sum it up, chicks that are into imports are better than chicks into utes.
  2. historic JMS cars

    flying spanners isn't that bad, i used to work at a timber yard in Wingfield, i laughed at the boss going apeshit on my first day, received a haircut from a rather large piece of wood for doing so.
  3. A31 cefiro power windows

    check to make sure that the windows aren't locked, it's one of the buttons on the arm rest.
  4. historic JMS cars

    my retina are permanently scarred!
  5. historic JMS cars

    i remember seeing a really early pic of Jason Markowski in the red FC at PT G. on the JMS site or in a mag years ago. he had Adept Electronics stickers on it & the pic was of him spinning out. caption for the pic was "Adept Electroincs, Inept Drift'
  6. Linkin park-Breaking the habit (parody)

    pretty lame dude, you have good creativity though, put it to something useful like writing poetry
  7. historic JMS cars

    was Chrisitan's 180 with the matt black/ graf style paint job the JMS Afrikaana 180?
  8. historic JMS cars

    shamelessly stolen from Madcap.com.au (thanks kodak!)
  9. where it all began - to now

    you wanna see spinning, wait til i hit the track, now that will be some spinning might see if they'll put a Murray Walker loop on each time i head out "spin, spin, spin"
  10. nissan leopard...

    Christian, did he live in Japan for a while? i read about an aussie guy living in Japan and bringing one back with him in HPI a while ago. as for the car being on carsales and having aussie plates, just means it got here before the new laws came into play.....
  11. where it all began - to now

    should be spinning like you're mum on a spit. BAHAHAHA
  12. nissan leopard...

    not to rain on your parade mate, but i doubt these are eligible under SEVS atm. if they are, i see my next daily
  13. nissan leopard...

    i'd like to see one sliding on a track
  14. nissan leopard...

    follow these steps; 1) http://www.worldlingo.com/en/products_serv...translator.html 2) select the website translator icon 3) type in www.yahoo.co.jp 4) select japanese to english as the text translations and click 'translate' 5) select 'auctions' from under the yahoo search bar in the 'you buy' line 6) select 'automobile & motorcycle' link from the 'you search from category' menu on the left hand side 7) select 'automobile body' 8) select 'nissan' 9) scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'leapord' 10) save these instructions if your memory isn't real flash
  15. Nice work mate, not sure if you've seen this http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/where-i...ow-t126810.html pretty much entirely a backyard job.
  16. where it all began - to now

    what happened here, did you boys get owned?
  17. Quick / Short joke thread

    What's the difference between the Beaconsfield mine manager & a priest? One get's his miners stuck in a shaft, the other gets his shaft stuck in a minor
  18. Australian Metal/Hardcore Scene

    Truth Corroded Parkway Drive Inspite Faux Defeated Force Fed Nine (old school) Five Star Prison Cell Screwface 13 Hard Done By Frankenbok Embodiement 12:14 Riff Engine - it should be noted that 1/2 the bands above are no longer together, in case ppl wanted to see them
  19. An all time classic

    i think i've seen this bukkake movie
  20. Im new & Plz help!

    let's just hope there's not bits of you all through the Celsior after the formal run....
  21. anybody know the offset of an '89 A31 Cefiro i've had a bastard of a time tryna find it
  22. What brand of tyres you use?

    Toyo's front & rear 205/55/16 T1-R on the front & 215/55/16 TPGs on the rear great prices & awesome grip