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  1. Summer Nats 2007

    nice shot Mike - http://www.pbase.com/mcphotographics/image/72715995 Normally i'd say it's a good thing i was facing the wrong way and my head isn't in the shot, but based on some of the ugliness in the back i might've made the photo more pleasing. i love GK's pose in the background 'that's right ladies, i'm here for all of you'
  2. The Red Rocket Returns!

    i've got some spacers if u want some Simon. between 20 & 30mm
  3. My Fav place to go for a street slide.

    high speed entries and big angles......
  4. 2007 Line up

    Mick Tyler & Tony Harrison? or is Tony possibly driving for the oafish Irishman - he's already got the goods when it comes to piloting a commo? if this is the case, that leaves the possibilty of Mick Tyler & Jerome Kennedy. i like this game.
  5. WesT MeeT

    that's just coz Jimmo is emo coz he's not in Perth - we've all heard how much better Perth is....
  6. VE Coming soon...

    skill is still the deciding factor Yeah thats why Robbie won the Qld round Oh and NSWwelchman won the NSW round and a Victorian won the Vic round............. don't forget that the SA round was won by an SA boy. the only round that wasn't won by a person residing in that state was Rd 4 in Tassie
  7. The Red Rocket Returns!

    rear bar looks out of place, too small for the rest of the kit. Benn don't sell those rims you dildo! i'm gonna buy them.
  8. 2007 Line up

    don't be daft Cush, it's going to be styled on Fink's BMX - handlebar streamers, chain guard, high orange flag for all to see and Fink will be wearing a bright orange stack hat.
  9. DRAG TAG DRIFTING this thursday

    ^^ get an ID card - i had to get one when i handed my license in, couldn't even use my military ID. how completely fu©king stupid is it that a military ID isn't accepted as legal ID? here is a card that has my date of birth on it, demonstrates that i'm a serving member of the Australian Defence Force and it's not accepted..... it's bollocks. it should be nationally recognised, and while i'm ranting there should be a national vehicle registration process, that way i don't have to put my car over the pits every fu©king time i move state!
  10. tattoo places

    Tribal Mike is good, but there are some real hacks working in Hindley St, go to the Ink Pit on the corner of Sth Road and Anzac Hwy
  11. Best Drift Awards for 2006

    1 - Best drifting venue (track based): Mallala 2 - Best drifting venue (street or demo): Vic's 'secret hills' 3 - Best Aussie drifter FULL STOP!: Leighton Fine/Beau Yates 4 - Best presented competition drift car: James Vahoumis S14.5 5 - Best street based drift car: Orange Topstage S14/Fink's S13 (sleeper) 6 - Best competition based drift move (eg overtake, early entry, qualifying run etc): Marky Mark - durry hanging out, true SA bogan style. 7 - Biggest Australian drifting surprise of the year (eg new driver, new car, new track, your mates drift skills with a supermarket trolley): Luke Fink - after numerous set backs finally gets a wild card entry and wins his first national contest 8 - Best Aussie drift personality: Denzo/Marky Mark 9 - Biggest aussie drift know it all, wind bag, self adulator, self praiser: no idea, the public don't get to see the BS politics that probably goes on behind closed doors/in the judging area, etc 10 - Best international drifter: Kumakubo finally......the last question 11 - Where do you think an aussie drift event/demo should be held (track, event or your local patch of twisty stuff): Clipsal 500 or Indy - international exposure, not to mention the sheer numbers of people that will see it
  12. Anth, got any idea of final numbers staying at my place? i'm working Thursday & Friday, so you won't get into my place (legally) until 5pm.
  13. Ignition @ summernats

    there will be a number of melbourne imports making the trip tp summernats, but i highly doubt they'll be seen cruising Braddon, better places to be and better places to drive.
  14. yeah for sure dude. i got my queen size size bed and some japanese silk bondage rope. hell, i'll even give you a new piercing....
  15. anybody that i know is welcome to stay at my place too, i have 2 extra rooms, couches etc. just BYO bedding, i ain't got shit other than a carpeted floor

    this thread has finally slowed down westside owns all, except the 'got snow?' spot
  17. my usual list mudvayne children of bodom opeth the sins of thy beloved iron maiden tool hatebreed my dying bride sepultura soulfly killswitch engage american headcharge throwdown nightwish lacuna coil lamb of god in flames unearth children of bodom dark tranquility truth corroded the agona scene the amenta
  18. yeah i'm into metal, and thank f**k some other ppl on here are too. i'm f**king sick of seeing ppl posting 'where's the best club' or 'usher has a new dance move'

    the chicks i've seen with blonde hair haven't been like a gold-coast blonde colour, but a golden sorta colour

    there is aboriginal chicks with blonde hair.

    same with derby day, but oaks is full of guys now because of the whole girls day thing lol. its like a massive SAUSAGE SIZZLE he'll be there for sure then!!

    that's only so you can get your 1000 posts isn't it?

    in the meantime here's a pic for you

    get a car, then i'll talk to you! other than that, westside love