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  1. new HOLFORD motors DRIFTAUSTRALIA car

    i like it. at least it's not a horrible fluorescent green. stickers & rims go well with the car too. how's the purple teleubby racing suit coming along Luke?

    let's hope this guy's missus never wants to try it in the tradesman's entrace.... imagine the routine he'd go through
  3. test: what group are you

    yeah, turn that fu©king collar down...
  4. Peircings

    you could get a longer bar until the swelling goes down, that'll stop the inside of your lip getting cut. other than that, be patient, the swelling will go down
  5. swanny, Ben and who ever else is swapping PMs

    and she hasn't got a handful of criminals, i mean kids, either
  6. where it all began - to now

    tell your missus that the other night? i was wondering how your face got busted up....
  7. test: what group are you

    You scored as Rocker, Mosher. Your A Rocker! Rocker, Mosher 55% Goth 35% Preppy 30% Skater 25% Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev 15% Trendy 5% Emo 0%
  8. IT'S HERE!... JZX81 - Now for sale!

    make sure you tell Fink

    pat dry? bahahahaha do you sit down to piss as well? do you wipe front to back or back to front? i freeball a fair bit (insert plug for Armourdillo's 'Freeballers' range of jeans and shorts). i'd go as far as to say it's lucky i don't dribble a little down the leg when done
  10. Should Kim go to winton?

    i vote yes, i went & had a great time. learnt heaps. ask Ginga (Toyoda) for his war-story though, then make your decision. sorry Ginga
  11. Garage Sokudo hoodies

    nevermind the hoodies, where's my damn lights Arch?
  12. VE Coming soon...

    it should be the other way around Matt, as Robbie is far more competetive than Morris. is he? really? in a sport where you arent limited to car class and lets face it...robbies munro has everything you could possibly want out of a drift car...lets even the field up and see how competitive he is i follow the same train of thought Matt, in an even field, where many aspects are controlled, i think Robbie would be consistently at the back of the field. thankfully the day will never come in which a one or two make series with control everything exists in drifting, which means we can see the big budget teams getting beaten by teams with less funding and more skill.
  13. Being twenty something

    what do you use for lube then? I think what she means is that she doesn't spit at it, or hasn't learnt yet. drooler?
  14. pics no workie, post the link
  15. VE Coming soon...

    it should be the other way around Matt, as Robbie is far more competetive than Morris.
  16. Being twenty something

    you realise you're in your twenties and maturing when the latest teen fashions seem just plain fu©king ridiculous. like emo fashion and those giant sunnies that a lot of self-important bitches wear.
  17. Cleaning your rears?

    my preference is kleenex cottonelles, a lot of american's use baby wipes too. KFC moist towellettes are popular with military boys that spend a lot of time out bush as they don't take up much space in a pack/webbing.

    how long do you need it for? i can lend you mine this week, then returning to canberra with it on saturday. it's black and has a slight crack, but will still pass rego inspection.
  19. high res punched out cat pics?

    The Vic section has a much better image IMO - drift spider - created after Jimmo revealed his fear of spiders after a 'near death' experience with a hunstman in his ceffy....
  20. unfortunately, there's little chance of that happening unless i change jobs within the RAAF or quit - and with no skills, motivation or career ambition i can't see that happening any time soon
  21. goddamit. i would've been the first to arrive and last to leave if i was still in Melb. i would've helped packed her stuff to get her out the house quicker and then get pissed .....goddamn psychopath. i'm gonna come to the SA & NSW rounds of DA to catch up with all you pricks too
  22. are you able to locate a PowerFC for RB25's - i know they're discontinued but figured you'd be able to get your hands on a couple.
  23. 'YOUR' drift car - not 'YOUR' keyboard

    my ceffy (pics not included as i'm on holidays interstate) RB25DET RB25 gearbox R33 brake swap PWR cooler + custom aluminium piping Tein coilovers Apexi turbo timer Blitz DSBC boost controller blitz pod filter Enkei RP-01 17x8,9 Autech copy bodykit unknown jap seats unknown castor rods unkown mech 2 way diff unkown twin plate clutch nardi wheel zentih steering spacer zenith solid cradle bushes cusco drift button oil cooler & relocation kit usual array of gauges series 2 grille & tail lights latest mod - crunched front end
  24. "Lets talk about NSCOM"

    i'd suggest the reason GT Suspension's business wasn't wanted here was because of yourself and Maurice. i know for a fact MoRice is a decent person, but his actions and the fact his posts in NS.com forums were used against him in legal matters probably didn't do GT sus any favours... as for yourself, you've displayed a history of abusing members, thus received warnings. take into account that these two aspects refelect very badly on any company looking for business deals, and also for NS probably doesn't want to be seen to endorse a company that has employess with a bad reputation or history of behaviour, and it's no surprise the business wasn't wanted