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  1. help Sol fix his car -PRICE DROP-

    **PRICE DROP** $250 for the R32 rims $120 for the spacers (cheaper for ACT ppl)
  2. Fink in Action at DA...

    that's why you stick an RB25 in it...... no common sense some ppl BTW, luke blew a tyre earlier in the day and caused some decent damage to right rear 1/4 panel, just to keep things on topic
  3. Fink in Action at DA...

    thought this thread was about Luke in DA, not e-wars. however, there is something to be said for Kim's good taste in cars (ceffie love) and 180_MPH's shit taste.....
  4. DA Round 1 Updates

    congrats Borneo, awesome effort in a borrowed car
  5. DA Round 1 Updates

    1st part is a joke, about not too many re-runs. the rest isn't
  6. DA Round 1 Updates

    About time I wonder how many re-runs they'll need to get a winner probably not too many, Boaty isn't going to intefere as Bolger isn't driving. got to look after the one's that spend all the money and bring the attention to the sport.....
  7. DA Round 1 Updates

    36 Members: A31Cefiro, B_T_R, ::LD//Rusta(DPIG)::, Mimegame, benzo, Johnno, -Jimmy-, wau_, Thomasino, 32_4door, ronald_r32, -Brent-, iwantans14, delazy, isc-coilovers, _omg, Umai Naa, xris, Raceflo, FREESTYLER, Adz32, 14DRF, -ichigo-, Shy_s6, PALADN, RiverSide, r32man, dvs81n, breno, RxDrift, imukat86, gt-007, Streeter, Bub's S13, Aussie Sil80, MYA31 DA forum: oh, nobody's home
  8. DA Round 1 Updates

    apparently judges are being pretty harsh this year, any cars dropping a wheel in the dirt (even unintentionally) are severely penalised. let's hope this is a consistent theme and applies to poor lines too
  9. Fink in Action at DA...

    most of the cars out there look tougher than that. except for the Autosalon Magazine car, that looks just as shit.
  10. DA Round 1 Updates

    just informed that 3rds beat Fink by 4 points overall. bit of a surprise as a few ppl said the ASM car was slow all through prac and qualifying
  11. SAVE The OC

    it had a great ending - the best ending a show like that can have is to be axed. the eyes of those who watched should be burnt out with hot coals. ** note, those of you that have a plasma screen may notice a large turd burnt into the screen - this is becuase you watched the OC
  12. 100 club!

    a cement mixer is a shot 1 shot of baileys 1 shot of lime juice put them in your mouth one after the other, don't swallow. shake your head about and wait for the party to begin.
  13. little kids, in my area

    if they have a front lawn (which may well be wishful thinking), draw a huge set of tits or cock & balls with some powerful weed killer, or a chlorine mix. better yet, put milk & chlorine in a 2L coke bottle, shake and throw it onto their doorstep. it'll paint the front of the house white.
  14. Worlds largest drain hole

    I wonder what he was serching for when he found that? did you read the text?
  15. Worlds largest drain hole

    hahaha, they called it a glory hole
  16. help Sol fix his car -PRICE DROP-

    bahaha, the 'lesser' mods should be referred to as Minions from now on
  17. Where will drift be in 5 years

    given that NS has just once again taken out the biggest auto forum in aus, i'm wondering if this could be presented in some manner to corporations and have a Kamikaze/Drift Masters type of event to help bring exposure to the sport. i'd like to see a few of these one-off events each year, as they give the opportunity for some of the better drivers to show their skills, given some of them can't afford to run a season in DA.
  18. swanny, Ben and who ever else is swapping PMs

    personal experience speaking there Greg?
  19. Who is goin to Perth for DA?

    pricks! all of you.
  20. DA Round 1 Predications

    Fink v Borneo rematch in the finals josh young in 3rd. no doubt the time in Japan will have paid dividends....
  21. new HOLFORD motors DRIFTAUSTRALIA car

    and get rear ended by a truck?
  22. swanny, Ben and who ever else is swapping PMs

    damn right, i think anybody would want to hide their face in shame if they had to work with something that small
  23. new HOLFORD motors DRIFTAUSTRALIA car

    what shits me is the lack of sponsors..... Luke is clearly a damned good driver, he beat evrybody in his first national outing, and he was half crippled at the time. this team needs a tyre sponsor.
  24. swanny, Ben and who ever else is swapping PMs

    i've been to an onsen before, that towel they give you to cover yourself is kinda small. should be about the right size for you Greg.....
  25. was Acting Sgt Robbins given a promotion to Sgt after this? hell, give him a Knighthood or Order of Australia Medal for removing another lethal driver from our roads. hoons are worse than kiddy fiddlers apparently. soon there will be a 'hoon list' released to the public for their own protection, naming known hoons.