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  1. West / east meet photos... shieeeeeeeeeeet

    dude get some sunlight, you look aenemic (and iron deficient)
  2. Rims

    how about you get some 5 stud hubs, then buy my R32 rims
  3. West / east meet photos... shieeeeeeeeeeet

    goddamn Canberra. i need a different job that permanently locates me in Melb. i'll see you bastards at some random Winton event
  4. Where to buy a cefiro front bar?

    that's the better kit of the two that Wonder have made. that's the Shadow Aero kit. the other one is the copy that is all over yahoo auctions i'd be in for a group buy, but i can understand if people don't like it. there isn't that many ceffies about, so having a number of them with the same kit would look like the Uras revolution all over again.
  5. this thread will be the biggest keyboard hero thread ever. What i want to know is how many chicks the NS chicks have slept with best one i've had is Type X's (ACT thread) mum. she went off like a cat in an oven
  6. darren mews grip article

    i'm chasing an article i saw last year on one of the forums about Darren Mews using his drifter for time attack. i'm defending drifters to a bunch of cranky old bastards that don't understand it and are claiming it's for ppl that can't drive around a circuit normally. it's for the good of drift, help me out.
  7. Where to buy a cefiro front bar?

    you could've been right

    up the pooper, no babies
  9. Where to buy a cefiro front bar?

    try slidewize imports. set up an account and go from there. i've tried to bargain with a few places - 'go halves, you can mould the bar for distribution and i get the original once done' but nobody was real keen on that idea. if you're interested in starting a group buy that might be worth a shot. i'd sure as hell love a Final Konnexion or Wonder Shadow Aero series kit
  10. mi goreng is the best

    Nasi Goreng is great stuff too. Indonesia is insanely cheap, it cost me about $18 to feed 6 people at a restaurant. that was Nasi goreng for everybody, their own dishes, drinks and sweet fruit/ice cream drinks afterwards.
  11. James can you leave this here, you know i need the money 4 x R32 GTS-t rims - $300 two with good tread, two with track-spec. NO gutter rash, minimal surface scratches. perfect track rims for all you girls who are afraid of scratching your pretty rims when you're learning to slide. 4 x Advanti 17x8 5spoke rims. $400 ono Holden stud pattern. 1 rims has some decent gutter rash, rest have minimal scratches. (perfect for that commodore daily you're secretly ashamed of) 2 x 25mm spacers. $150 ono never used, scratches are from trial fits & being moved about. Cefiro Grille - $70 used condition, not crappy condition - no cracks or chips Cefiro wing - $100 some scratches (damn ghey thing, i want it as far away from my car as possible) PM me or contact 0403 135 345
  12. help Sol fix his car -PRICE DROP-

    everybody is ok, it was in a carpark at Russell. the car is driveable, i drove it home and the radiator worked better than it ever had since i've borrowed it. broken RHS headlight broken bumper creased right guard bent roo bar (that thing is lethal haha) broken grille also replacing the radiator yeah lemme know asap Bluey, my front cut may well be hanging on them if my rims don't sell
  13. new HOLFORD motors DRIFTAUSTRALIA car

    sweet. i'll be able to make this one, so if needed i'll get my folks to put a few of us up for a few nights.
  14. mi goreng is the best

    proper mi goreng from indonesia is heaps better, but this stuff is great for about 50 cents a pack
  15. Pictures from Drift Australia Rnd 1

    If you mean Mick Tylers Ceffy then yeah... other wise wtf is a VSKF?? M type of rims Mike. was there 2 orange ceffies there, as i've seen pics of Mick Tylers and another one that was all orange with a black bonnet, as opposed to Tyler's 50/50 paint scheme
  16. darren mews grip article

    cheers, hopefully i can talk some sense into the hard headed old bastards
  17. darren mews grip article

    i don't like my chances with them either, not after my thread about FullBoost coverage of DA events
  18. Tyres

    try some of the tyre palces down my way or speak to some of the Qbn locals, i'm sure they steal a set for you
  19. help Sol fix his car -PRICE DROP-

    $100 mate, i'm dying atm. yeah trial fit is fine mate. pm me for address
  20. Pictures from Drift Australia Rnd 1

    not competing this year
  21. help Sol fix his car -PRICE DROP-

    sorry, you thought i was being serious.... it's f**king hilarious
  22. haha dats it no it's not, it's a play on words
  23. DA Round 1 Updates

    taken care of
  24. help Sol fix his car -PRICE DROP-

    mods please delete the above post as it has nothing to do with the sale
  25. DA Round 1 Updates

    fu©king typical. does DA at least have it's own camera crew filming this for public sharing? i sure as fu©k hope that it if there is & they can't make it to a round this year (like th FB boys last year), purely so as a sign of protest, the NS members won't donate funds to get them over there. fullboost did an awesome job in demonstrating that drifting is not a slick, professional business. it's a sport and form of entertainment that has captured the passion of thousands around australia. it's an alternative to the V8's and should be shown as such. the fans of drifting want to see the likes of Denzo paying out Robbie, and Racin Jason doing his usual bit to hype up drifting. it's a sport full of characers and personalities. if we wanted to watch mundane business-like motorsport, we'd watch the V8 Supercars and Formula 1.