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  1. MMA chat

    Alright here's the card for UFC 111 & my picks next to it UFC Welterweight Championship Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy - GSP by decision Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin - Carwin by TKO Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves Jake Ellenberger vs. Ben Saunders - Saunders by trianle choke Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek - Bocek by TKO Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Brown - Almeida by 2nd Rnd TKO Nate Diaz vs. Rory Markham - Markham by TKO (Diaz is moving up a weight category, doubt he's used to the hitting power) Rodney Wallace vs. Jared Hamman Rousimar Palhares vs. Tomasz Drwal Kurt Pellegrino vs. Fabricio Camoes Matt Riddle vs. Greg Soto
  2. i broke the last one trying to be a moderator..... try to list the shops you go to or recommend under some type of heading (see below) & i'll try to update it every so often Tuning: Autotech Services - Hume ESP - Queanbeyan Ultimate Tunes Mechanical Services: Autotech Services - Hume ESP - Queanbeyan Ultimate Tunes - Philip Trojan Motorsport Pro Engines NS members (ASK!!!) Suspension: Inline Steering & Suspension - Qbn Capital Steering & Suspension - Fyshwick Paint & Panel: Kustom Motor Finishes - Queanbeyan David Hand Smash Repairs - Fyshwick Parts: Lennock Motors (for genuine Nissan parts) Streeter - Japan slips/RWC: Capital Automotive - Fyshwick Exhaust: Powatone - Fyshwick A1 - Mitchell Audio: Audiotech BDL Auto electrical: Lonsdale Auto Electrical - Braddon Dynotune - Belco Lee & Thomas - Phillip Machining, Fitter/Turner Neil Bates Motorsport/TRD - Hume
  3. I'm moving to SA in a few weeks and noitced there's a distinct lack of an organised 'recommended workshops' style thread (mainly to help me figure out where to go). **Keep the slander out of the thread. If somebody asks about a particular shop and you had a shit experience let them know in private. If somebody recommends a place and you disagree, that's fine but tell them the horror story away from the public forum.** Something along the lines of the below: Workshop name: Type of work they do: General mech, suspension, tuning, fabrication, etc Location: North, South, etc try to supply an address where possible Contact details: Comments:
  4. What was the bloody original thread called, I can't find it. Anywho, here's the lies the current owner is throwing out there. Not much of it is true, he isn't the first owner in Aus, he didn't import it, he didn't spend $60K getting the kit done. A member on here Chosen1, was the first owner, imported it, had the rocker cover airbrushed and later swapped it for a Liberty. This car caught on fire not long after the swap. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/strathfield-south/cars-vans-utes/ferrari-engineered-body-180sx-9-months-rego-sr20-turbo-5speed-manual/1048534860
  5. Drove on this wonderful piece of road this morning. Blakeview to Morphetvale in just over an hour thanks to expressways. Now if they could just cut our pretty much all of south road between Regency Road and Cross Rd...
  6. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    Sunday 10th August 9am start at Burnside shops. Cruise up the freeway to SA Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend. $25 entry at the + $10 entry for the car show at the event - car show entrants must be there before 11 so their cars can be judged. Top 3 judged cars get a trophy, winner gets a free passenger ride during the expression session.
  7. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    i'll be working there so if you're happy to organise another one for more than just 180/S13s then that'd be great
  8. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    Have one on Sunday AUG 10th and cruise up to round 2 of Drift Challenge Australia @ Tailems.
  9. Never owned one, have been driving the wife's on and off for years though. Silvias aren't the passion for me - thrashing cars, working on them and hanging with mates that share the same hobby is the passion. As I'm getting older and now have a family the focus shifts slightly, so I've got a track only car, we have a SIl80 for the odd weekend drive, a Falcon for my daily/towing and a Crown wagon for a family car. I've moved into a new phase of my life so spending all my cash on cars isn't the priority anymore plus new opportunities with Drift Challenge Australia have opened up for me so I'm concentrating on that. I'll keep playing with cars, working on them where possible, etc but it may not always be a Nissan or even a sports car.
  10. New to SEVS: Crown sedan and wagon

    Got my wagon thanks to the team at Iron Chef Imports! It's now registered and awaiting the custom plates to arrive, then the fun begins. I'll be putting the HIDs back in, replacing the dark tint that was removed or sabotaged by Regency and installing the FM band receiver that the compliance workshop was meant to but didn't. Once it's had a wash and the plates are on I'll post up some pics.
  11. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    27 July, Sun night?
  12. Why not both? *mexican girl celebration* Keen to head down see how the scene is here! Because Raleigh is about 21 hours away from Adelaide Cruise should get a decent turnout because obviously not everybody can afford the trip to Raleigh, plus there's been a lot more meets and cruises lately.
  13. Anybody worth their salt will be at Raleigh that weekend for round 1 of DCA.
  14. I think the ad was removed. The current owner has been contacted by a few people, including the previous owner who imported it, asking where he got the body work done, etc. The dishonest piece of shit even claimed to be the skinny white guy in the Hot 4's article that owned the car. Best part is he told all this to Chosen1 that used to own it, claiming to be him
  15. The bloke selling this is obviously a few beers short of a 6 pack, the car was in Hot 4's with the previous owner talking about how much bullshit the car had put him through, so there's proof that he isn't the first owner in Aus.
  16. If I was a lesbian i'd be as popular as Ellen Degeneres with a thumb like that.
  17. Filmed with the phone (and through my thumb)
  18. What does SA have to offer?

    Not a meet but there's a round of Stadium Drift on at Tailem Bend this Saturday.
  19. Dinki Di trailers on Main North Rd at Pooraka make good trailers, cheaper than a few of the others along Main Nth too.
  20. What does SA have to offer?

    World class wine regions, good live music scene, good pubs, sluts, good restaurants, not many hipsters, sluts, good car scene, a few good workshops, a round of Targa, a round of ARC, round of V8SC, plenty of beaches, murray river is close, motorsport of all varieties catered for, good festivals, and more. Nah Adelaide's shit.... Did I mention the amount of sluts here?
  21. Had fun at Brizzy Powerplay

    Robbie Bolger was selling them cheap, that's why.
  22. Import brokers

    I'm dealing with Iron Chef at the moment, good communication the whole way through the process. Provided plenty of detail on the car has a good reputation unlike Edward Lee, who is a shonk. Why do you want to import an S15 when you can buy one here? There is plenty of clean models available.
  23. The Heavy Music Thread

    I need some new music, anybody got anything that isn't modern screamo/hardcore shit full of lame breakdowns?