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    Web Design, Graphic Design, Computers, Moto GP, DUCATI 848EVO, Cagiva Mito SP525, Drift, F1 Racing, Family, Friends, Parties and long walks on the Beach - Yeah Right on the long walk along the beach HAHHAHAAHA
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  1. Help me pick a bike!

    Guys this was my Learner Bike from Day 1 - Italian Love Cagiva 125cc SP525 2stroke "This is a weapon around $8999 but the extra dollars go a long way shove a Jolly Moto Exhaust and just click the gears a go hard!!! Very surprised this has not been showed!!! Check bike sales for your dealer

    GO THE ROTA - Love it Cliffmiester!!!
  3. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    Had a Awesome time, considering my first WTAC, the Drift Demos ROCKED, MadMike = ROTARIE GOODNESS!!!!, for the ones that missed out BOO HOO! Enjoy the pics & vid, hope to be back next year for sure!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn8MZcBu4i0
  4. Another Bike Learner

    Dont pass up on the Cagiva - my first roadie and learnt alot!!
  5. Whats your dream bike?

    My Current Ride - 2011 Ducati 848 EVO, it starts here and only gets better Enjoy
  6. Getting Learners Motorcycle License (S.A.)

    Test 1 is basic, you listen for about 1 hour, then you get onto the physical and do tests to show your ridding skill - TIP 1 listen to what they say, they will be watchin you all. Treat it as a test always. Then when all the trainning is done you do a 30 sec test, on the circuit, fukin easy if you dont do it right first time you FAIL! Dont do the test if you have no idea how to ride, go to the farm or somewhere and learn to ride a dirt bike or something even a Scooter under 50cc you dont need license only a car license is OK! When the lesson and test is over, Congratz you can now go to the motor reg and get your lovely L's - be safe and watch others, they wont watch you TRUST ME! 5 years on the road now ridding bikes and i am always scanning the roads!
  7. Getting Learners Motorcycle License (S.A.)

    Yes you can... but the bikes they give you are paddock bashers! I have had my bike license now for 2 years, Had this as my learner: Rode it for 12months sold it and went for my Full license, and now i own this: be smart and enjoy
  8. You mean first owners stuff ups no stuff ups here when he smiled away with your $26K....
  9. JPC 2009 Colour Change

    congratzo denzo - not bad at all, acutall Fantastico! YIP HIP HOORAAAAAA
  10. ACA report from G1 - Monday next week

    Guys why dont you all organise instead of a car cruise but a MASSIVE Protest on Parliment in the City? News, coverage, radio, public etc etc - can be done on a Sunday so many could attend My 2 cents worth.....! Sad to hear at the end of the report - NO NO NO from the goverment - they must be making shit loads of cash for the state under the new hoon laws!
  11. Formula1

    "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="344"> Have this arriving this week - full NEW Tamiya F104 1/10th Electric car - you can see how much i luv F1