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  1. Cefiro ECU

    Looking for a Cefiro ECU. Please let me know if you have one. Cheers
  2. Cheers man, got one. Thanks
  3. After one 15 inch 205/60 second hand tyre. Had a problem with one of mine, need it quickly replaced. Located in Adelaide. Message me on 0434 030 114. Thanks
  4. Hey If anyone has one of these for sale please let me know. Thanks
  5. Other parts still available.
  6. Hi I have a few parts for sale: VG30 turbo with OP6 housing. From the VG30DET engine, not the smaller turbos from the VG30DETT. Comes with oil and coolant lines, and turbo elbow, that were on my RB20 with this turbo. Very minimal shaft play. $350 A31/C33/R31 square plug ignitor. No problems. $100 A31 Cefiro manual ECU No problems. $150 R32 turbo elbow $30 R32 exhaust manifold heat shield $30 Located in Adelaide, Enfield area. Contact me on here, or message me on 0434 030 114. Thanks
  7. Coil pack loom sold. ECU still available.
  8. WTB: RB20 CAS

    Urgent. Please let me know if you have one. Especially if you're in Adelaide
  9. Hi I have a few items for sale: A31 Cefiro ECU manual Suit RB20DET engine. No problems. $150 R32 RB20DET standard injectors and fuel rail. 270cc top feed high impedance. No problems, everything works. $50 R33 Series 1 coil pack loom. Suit RB25DET engine. Great condition. $50 Located in Adelaide, Enfield area. Message me on 0434 030 114. Thanks
  10. Cheers man, I reckon I'll go there
  11. Thanks heaps for that. I'm guessing it's obviously an ultrasonic clean. Do they also give you a print out of flow info etc.?
  12. Hey Need to get a set of injectors cleaned and flow tested. Called Petroject, they quoted me $35 per injector. Other places I've called have referred me back to Petroject. Have also called Mildrens but they no longer offer this service. Anyone know any other places which do this and do a good job? Thanks for any help