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  1. Fuel Efficiency Problem

    I have a K&N pod filter and turbosmart BOV. So what do u suggest for fixing my problem. Should i give resetting the ECU a go.
  2. Anyone can give me a little info on how to treat the problem with the turbo gasket. Is this a job for a garage, or would be able to tighten myself. If so, any tips?
  3. I think the limiter to global for CA18DET engines.
  4. hmmm, that actually sounds right on the money, how easy, or should i say hard is it to fix?
  5. S13 Spares

    I need a right side head light (drivers side). Any chance ur willing to send to SA.
  6. I just got a silvia with the HICAS II and HUD. First of all, i know what HICAS is (4WS), but when does the car use it? Theres a light on the dash that lights up when in use, but what causes it to turn on? It turns on now and then and i dont know why. I thought it would turn on when im going slow or parking, but it comes on when im going about 30km/h straight after the car starts and reaches this speed for the first time, then it turns off and doesnt come back on. Does it have something to do with how sharp i turn the car? or it has to turn on or off by a switch? Second problem, and this is more serious. I have a digital speedo display, it works no problems. But it doesnt seem to turn on until the car is warmed up, (usually about 5 mins of driving). I realised its not just the speedo, at night, the lights on my dash are affected too. But when warmed up everything is working fine. Any idea why this is happening, and how to fix. Thanks heaps, Steve.
  7. Silvia HICAS II

    Thanks everyone for ur help, i think i know whats going on now. I think the fluid might be low, thats why its coming on. And the dash display is a dry joint problem, i got it checked out today.
  8. which subs?

    If ur on a budget, dont go the 15". All cheap subs dont sound that good, and 15" subs will expose this and make it more obvious that 2x10" or 2x12". If u want sound really nice clean bass with plenty of thump, go the Soundstream Xstream 12" or 10". These are entry level subs, so should be able to pick up for a reasonable price. I STRONGLY recommend these subs, if u cant afford the 12" then go the 10". And if u have to pay a little more than u first hoped... ITS DAMN WORTH IT!!! http://www.soundstream.com/sub/products_subs_xstream.html If possible find somewhere that sells these and have a listen. Ur mind will be made up after that.