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  1. im hoping for more jobs and better pay in the Marine biological sciences field, but that aint gonna happen. 4 years study, big hecs debt to pay and only seeing jobs paying 40k a year.. good choice for the love of the job right...... i know i should have transfered into petroleum exploration. thats where the cash is
  2. 200 bone in thailand for a tatt that size is pretty steep.. where you get it done? if your in bangkok the "ONLY" tatt shop to go to is Kai tattoo on Rambutri road. i got 9hours work done in one sitting for 400 bones. but im sure any tattoo shop out there would do a few lines for like 60 bucks.
  3. new heaven nightlcub

    clubs are shit, heavens even worse... not that ive been there or planning to..
  4. who bodyboard/surfs?

    pull ya fingers out and hit up the colder water... less people and decent swell.. im waiting for my new fish to come in the mail this sunday swell looks good with offshores.. and for bodyboarders hit up tunks... its barrel city....... benny we gotta meet for a sesh when i get my new stick
  5. Dogs

    ahahha that dogs cute as f**k man....
  6. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    3-4kays off sellics beach boat ramp, so pretty close and was only in 18m water. day was spent catching bait (whiting, tommies, squid etc) then burleys up a little spot that has been very good to me. about an hour catching just under legal snaps and then bam, this fella rocks up. nailed a whole whiting as bait and fought like a mother bitch... also got 3 40-47cm snaps... its all about the preparation not the rod and reel quality boys and girls :) make the snapper come to you :)
  7. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    little something i pulled up last night 8.3kg and a whole lot of fun think its time for a new esky
  8. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    heading out snapper fishing tomorrow, probably roll another huge catch in as per usual :) only time will tell... still got 7 snapper fillets in the freezer i need to eat first
  9. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    off a boat mate... you aint gettin these off the jetty.....
  10. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    had a ripper session on Wed off Noarlunga.. photos tell a 1000 words :)
  11. Adelaide Uni in 2010?

    bah i start back tomorrow, really cant be f**ked though... doing BSC in Marine Biology, and o-week is only good for the free shit they give out
  12. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    someone just bought a 17ft fishing boat... :) snapper here i come baby
  13. Tattoo parlours

    everyone has different preferences, my mates go to ink pit on anzac highway, good clean place, if you are getting something small, im sure any tattoo place will be able to do the work. this is my unfinished half sleeve, but i got this done in China so its a little far to go, but it was cheap and is by far my best tattoo.. only took 10 hours straight, that was fun..
  14. got a mazda 323 hatch, 4speed, immac condition apart from the bootlid being painted black. air con works and is really cold runs perfect, got a forsale add on here and one on gumtree, for pics 1k ono let me know if ya wanna test drive it..
  15. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    the algae is getting out of control at some parts of the torrens now, to much run off and the heat causing the algal blooms, but i hit it up this morn bright and early, loving the uni holidays heres what i got me and my mate got about 20 all up which was good, some monsters in there which snapped a few good rigs of mine. started at 5am and by 10 the whole bank was a thick green sludge... only managed to get a l4 lbs though..