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  1. Cams, vct, lag

    drop in cams if your on a budget, poncam certainly the budget option. anything more and you will need spring and headword. Mate with a s14 has 262 or 264 cams, retaining VCT, cant remember the brand, but know its still VCT. lots of custom gear, but has the GTX2867 with .86 rear. Dyno.
  2. on my way to 200rwkw

    Couple months ago my mate had his S14 tuned with the stock t28 turbo, at 14psi made 268Hp on e85. Thats pretty much 200 Kw? Had supporting mods like, Walbro 255, Nismo 740's, Z32 and a Nistuned Ecu. He wanted a little bit more, so switched to a small frame gt2871 turbo and got somewhere closer to 310 Hp in a recent retune, with a bit more boost.
  3. Im 30 and at home i currently have D22 nissan Navara, 3.2 + turbo + w2a + lift + etc etc 180sx - owned since i was 20, been an ongoing project for last 5 years 180sx - had about a year, 360Hp sr20det drift shitter, unrego ae86 that sits there going up in value for no other reason than drift tax Do i dont really drive anything other than the d22, but im actually looking to get a falcon ute cause im not overly happy with how the d22 tows the car trailer.
  4. S14 E85 fuel system recommendations

    I have a twin pump 5L sard surge tank, as this has the internal pump module. I've set this up to run a single Walbro 450, With one of the original Sard pumps feeding the surge tank from the stock s13 tank. This Feeds a Pro Flow fuel rail, with 1650cc Xspurt injectors on a Turbosmart 1200 reg. As with what has already been said, these walbroos are power hungry. I orgionally had it single in tank and i had to modify the top hat to accept better power terminals (Pro Flow sell the terminals from there surge tanks cheap and there easy to put into anything) I had twin core 25amp cable running direct from battery to pump, but was still experiencing a voltage loss (minor, but i wasn't happy with it) I ended up with a fused relay near the battery and twin core 50amp cable to the Pump, with a second chassis ground at the pump location.
  5. GTX3067

    Yeah it seems to be the general internet consensus. I have recently received a replacement intake cam from Tomei, This is a 260 deg cam. Im a little undecided if im going to get a 260 exhaust cam, or find a set of 256's. I have some time to sit on it, as i dont plan on making any major changes like this till next year. For the moment the car is verry driveable and nicely powerfull, have done a few events now and tbh can keep it nice and happy in the powerband while doing skids and trackwork, so its fine for now.
  6. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    loving this thread just FYI - i see your learning welding DIY spec. don't weld shit with brake cleaner on it, you will go blind. i assume you know this, some cleaner/solvents when welded cause drastic changes to the body when inhaled. apart from that, keep up the awesome work!
  7. WOW - What happened?

    I used to live on this website. The it changed to the 10000 million subforms (around the time my car went into long term project mode too) and i stopped coming here. I come back now i have a runing 180...but i miss the old simple layout days. SA is good, but i also dont like how they have gone with a combined FS area....the state based was the best....no one every puts in tags of where they are and i cbf buy interstate secondhand things...just like facebook, where is quick and easy, kids cant even be bothers putting up useful information in add's/or posts anymore al like "got this sik rim for sale pm me" - no pics/specs/prices - shits me to tears....but if you want to buy cheap shit of douchebag *milkshakes* you need to be on all the BnS facebook pages, so when they need $25 for a stick, right now, you can buy there racecar parts at bargain DC rates.
  8. Take this as all internet hearsay. a 3 inch pipe is going to flow enough for 500 or so odd HP, so on a stock SR its not even a consideration. If you have a hundred or so bends in the system, it will be an issue as it will create backpressure. If you have a shit muffler system, it will be an issues, same deal. If you have high quality equipment, then there would be no real issues. Ive used both super china Split Vs Bellmouth dump pipes. I prefer the bellmouth on standard turbo, as the super china ones do not merge correctly. There may be a slight advantage with a merge dump pipe, but you cant really do it correctly on a stock turbo - you really need to move to an external gate setup. I noticed no spool difference on either super china dump pipe designs. Get antilag or a V Mount / Radiator mount intercooler with super short pipework, if you want better spool. You do get a different sound with a larger exhaust pipe. you also get a different sound with a SS pipe, or Aly Pipe, or anything, different metals, different thicknesses, different mufflers. list goes on forever. To get a semi decent spool you want your turbo to have an unrestricted flow of exhaust, thats is larger than its two restrictions. being the exhaust wheel, stock sr that's like 1.5inch? and the gate, whats that an inch ?
  9. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    When i smashed on the 33 front setup on my 13 the local shop only had standard bendix in stock, so i smashed them on thinking it would be a-ok. Drifting barbagallo, i experienced decent brake fad a couple of times. More recently trying some track work down at colie i had some seriously dangerous brake fade, to the point a couple of times the brakes actually did nothing. needless to say, i'm in the market for some pads Ill pm you up
  10. Draining fuel tank in 180sx

    If you can run the car - remove return line from fuel pressure regulator. fit some spare hose to a jerrycan or whatever, run car and it will drain out. if you cant run the car You can do the other way and attach some hose to the feed line, but you will need to manually trigger the pump (you can at the relay) and if you have a small battery you might flatten it. go buy a "jiggle?" valve fuel drainer and squeeze it down your filler cap. prob need a small hose variant, or you might need to actually dc you fuel cap (under the wheel well guard, just undo hose clamp and pull of the hose - drain from there) drop the fuel tank, remove hoses, turn upside down, drain ful all over your driveway and then have a bitch of a time putting it all back in.
  11. GTX3067

    HFM cams staying in, i might toy with just some simple HKS 256's some time way into he future. that's might even help with the spool. Already had the Tomei 270 intake cam wipe a lobe and tomei neg on any warranty (1 hour old too) So i'm not to keen on buying them again Has Tomei Springs, Yes. Single scroll.
  12. GTX3067

    Ok Here we go, yesterday was a way more successful than the other FN on the dyno (got cams dialed in correctly this time) Basic Mods - Stock Sr with recently replaced bottom end bearings and roughly 180, 000 on the odo. - GTX3067 with .64 housing - 3inch intake pipe, with HPX N1 afm sensor and KnN Pod. - highmount T3 single scroll manifold with 45mm external gate - full 3inch exhaust with only a single rear muffler. - Powered By Max tucked Intercooler - Nistune'd ECU. - Xspurt 1650cc injectors, Proflow fuel rail and Walbro E85 pump in 5l surge tank with sard lift pump in main tank. Cam's Intake - HFM 264 / 11.9mm lift Exhaust - Tomei 270 / 12.5mm lift Running E85 only and roughly 20 psi of boost it put out 359.4hp (am i allowed to round this up to 360?)
  13. GTX3067

    long story short. my intake cam was retarded. its fixed now, dialed in, running way way better and booked in to be re-tuned on the 1st august so ill report back then
  14. GTX3067

    We had a few dramas. Ls2 coils dident like me. Spark plug snaped thread in block when we were regapping. Toward end it decided to piss oil from cam tentioner gasket. Car still wants to be laggy AF. So posting dyno will make me sad. It made roughly equal power n similar lag. Need to look at cam size n cam timming in depth.
  15. GTX3067

    Was only vid i could find....few patrols using them tho. Keen to see what happens on mine. Ill do the typical dyno vid n stuff